19 June 2010

Nutty Ideas

Crux had the privilege to meet both Robert Rapier and Hannes Kunz at the Global Footprint Network Forum in Italy...chuckling at their analogy below!

Excerpt from R-Squared Energy Blog, 17 June 2010

'My friend Hannes Kunz told me a story last week that I thought was analogous to our increasing dependence on oil over the past century.

Once a truck carrying a load of nuts crashed into a tree. A family of squirrels living in the tree discovered this new resource and began to live the high life on the nuts they had just found. But as their population grew, so did their demand for nuts.

But that truck crash was a one-time event, and the squirrels were rapidly depleting their nut windfall. How do the squirrels cope when they have eaten all the nuts?

Some would suggest a nut-based biofuel refinery as a solution to their problems, but I am getting ahead of myself...'