31 August 2011

New Crux

Dear Crux Followers

You may have noticed the absence of Crux in your In Box for a couple of months.

I've decided, for several reasons, to move from Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress site, www.cruxcatalyst.com and to cease posting stories to this blog.

This will be a different kind of Crux - rather than reposting others' stories on a wide range of sustainability issues, I'll be focusing more on supporting sustainability change agents in how we could be more effective in communication and change-making for sustainability; what works, what doesn't; how we need to look after ourselves.

Right now, this newly-minted Crux is still fresh, so there are only a couple of posts, however there is also the Crux YouTube channel (a curated collection of fun/useful video resources) embedded along with the Twitter feed 'Crux Tweets'.

If you'd like to follow my new blog, you can visit and sign up at:

www.cruxcatalyst.com (see 'Get Crux' subscribe button at right of page)

You can also find Crux at:

Thanks for your interest and support thus far.

I hope you'll join me at Crux, Mark II!