16 February 2010

2010 Intergenerational Report - Australian Treasury

The third Intergenerational Report was released by the [Australian] Commonwealth Treasury recently. The 2010 version follows on from the previous versions released in 2007 and 2002.

The Report (see further comments and web link below) is an interesting example of taking a long view of things, of course one of the prerequisites to sustainability.

It appears to be a very comprehensive policy document but of course is heavily biased in favour of the incumbent government’s policies and initiatives.

While budget outlays are the major focus it also covers topic such as:

· Water availability in the Murray Darling Basin
· Threatened and endangered species
· Vegetation cover
· Investing in clear energy
· Welling being/Sustainable Society/Social Capital
· Household Incomes
· Productivity
· Population dynamics
· Infrastructure

And for the first time it starts to discuss the requirements and spatial organisation of our cities as an area which we have to prepare for the future.

Here is a link http://www.treasury.gov.au/igr/igr2010/ to the summary (26 pages) and full report (164 pages).

Full Report [PDF 1MB]

Foreword [PDF 110KB]

Executive Summary [PDF 229KB]

Chapter 1: Long-Term Demographic and Economic Projections [PDF 171KB]

Chapter 2: Growing the Economy - Productivity, Participation and Population [PDF 165KB]

Chapter 3: Long-Term Budget Projections [PDF 101KB]

Chapter 4: Ageing Pressures and Spending [PDF 186KB]

Chapter 5: Climate Change and the Environment [PDF 144KB]

Chapter 6: A Sustainable Society [PDF 194KB]

References [PDF 125KB]

Appendix A: IGR 2010 Projections Summary [PDF 88KB]

Appendix B: Sensitivity Analysis of Long-Run Economic and Fiscal Projections [PDF 76KB]

Appendix C: Methodology [PDF 235KB]

Appendix D: IGR 2007 Projections [PDF 129KB]

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