03 March 2011

America Plus?! Class Warfare in the US

Excerpt from The Daily Kos, 2 March 2011

Screenshot from the segment above

‘…the top 1% wealthiest Americans gobble up more than 1/3 of America's net worth, and the top 10% chow down on almost 3/4 of the money, leaving the bottom 90% with whatever's left. That's why it's called "trickle down".

…a recent article in The Atlantic magazine points out that the wealthiest Americans are now part of a new international elite, "a transglobal community of peers who have more in common with each other than with their countrymen back home".

You see, a really rich American and a really rich Saudi have more to talk about than a really rich American and the 99% of other Americans…

The red line represents the top 1% of Americans. And the flaccid rainbow at the bottom is all you people! What can I say? Sometimes income brackets just drift apart. Over the years, we've just developed different interests. We're into fine wines and racing Bugattis, and you're into different things, like shelter and warmth…

So, if there really is a rich America, and a poor America, I say why not make it official?Let the rich start their own country. Call it America Plus! (Or Golfistan) I mean, we already live in gated communities, I say we just connect them all with really long driveways. To visit, you just need a green card.

Best of all, when we've got America Plus in place, the economy of your country will finally get moving. Because to us, you'll now be cheap foreign labor, and we might just start hiring you again…’

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