29 October 2009

Go Home On Time Day - 25 November

An initiative of The Australia Institute, Go Home On Time Day encourages people to sign up and get a reminder on the day that they have a 'leave' pass to go home on time! [US readers might be interested in a similar initiative, Take Back Your Time].

GHOT Day is also a page on Facebook

'We can all find it tricky to leave the office or finish work on time. That’s why this November 25th is national Go Home on Time Day. It’s your opportunity to postpone all those “one last thing” tasks, emails and late meetings, and leave work on time for a change. What you do next is up to you!

The latest research from The Australia Institute finds that Australians work more than 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime every year! Around half of all employees work more hours than they are paid for. On average, a typical employee works 49 minutes of unpaid overtime per day. For full-time workers, the average daily amount of unpaid work takes more than one hour.

Overwork can have negative consequences for your physical and mental health, your relationships with loved ones and your sense of what is important in life.'

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