16 October 2009

The Influencer - Book

This might be a useful resource - there is also a more in-depth review via The Right Mind.

'This book in particular focuses on a specific set of strategies that anyone can use to influence people in difficult situations.

Part 1 - The Power to Change Anything

The premise of the book is based on learning from the best influencers in the world and everything is presented clearly based on various real life studies that demonstrate each of the author's findings perfectly. The reader is encouraged to learn more by seeking out and studying the best examples in the areas of interest and the author's have certainly put that into practice throughout the book as well.

  • you're an influencer
  • find vital behaviors
  • change the way you change minds

Part 2 - Make Change Inevitable

The second part of the book focuses on the strategic model that works to master influence. Its outlined with great clarity using specific real life examples of each of the 6 sources of influence. However, the book challenges you to change your thinking and to look outside your normal view when wanting to have more influence.

  • make the undesirable desirable
  • surpass your limits
  • harness peer pressure
  • never go it alone
  • design rewards and demand accountability
  • change the environment
  • become an influencer'

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