13 November 2009

Beware the Technical Fix!

Seeking solutions in technology is a double-edged sword. Technology depends on how we use it - a hammer can be a useful tool for making things, but it can also be used as a weapon.

What lives inside our minds and hearts manifests in the physical world we create. The conception, development and use of technology is informed by our culture. So what we seek to change without, needs to change within.

In Ben Elton's 1989 book 'Stark':

'The Stark conspiracy is a cabal of the world's richest and most influential men, who have long been aware that the planet's entire ecosystem is approaching total collapse. For decades they have been launching unmanned spacecraft loaded with supplies into orbit around the Earth and the Moon. Seeking to save their own lives and leave everyone else to suffer from 'total toxic overload', they secretly create a fleet of spacecraft with the intention of founding a colony on the Moon.'

The conspirators make their escape amid ecological collapse, however their colony on the moon fails, because as Elton eloquently pointed out, 'there was one kind of pollution they could not escape - the pollution in their own souls.'

image (c) ecological architect, ecocity theorist & practitioner and author Paul F Downton [architect of Christie Walk, a piece of ecocity in the CBD of Adelaide, South Australia]

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