13 February 2010

Food for the Future

The Food Forest's Graham Brookman's thought provoking and amusing presentation at the 'From Plains to Plate' Food Convergence launch in Adelaide, 10 February 2010

The Food Food Forest is a permaculture learning centre and organic farm in Adelaide, South Australia.

'This lecture by permaculture designer and farmer Graham Brookman explores the challenge facing global food security and proposes a model for urban design which provides efficient public transport, closes a city's nutrient and water cycles and reclaims some of the city's public land for food growing. It was filmed at the opening session of the "From Plains To Plate" conference in Adelaide, 2010.'

'But Australia...[has] been exporting food for 200 years - surprise! Victoria is a net food IMPORTER, and Australia now spends more on imported food than it receives for food exports. If anything caused a decline in food production, our population would rapidly lapse into food security...do you think anything could go wrong that might compromise our food production capacity? Keep listening!''

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