21 April 2010

Live Local - Experiments in Local Living

Reposted from the Live Local web site

'Live Local is a place to share stories about improving our communities.

Use the website to document your neighbourhood experiments – your stories about your experiences and adventures meeting neighbours, discovering neighbourhoods, improving your local economy, saving energy and making our air and water cleaner.

How does it work?

Anyone can create a personal profile and then tell their stories, adding whatever text, photos and videos they choose. A simple categorisation system groups similar projects together to help you find links and connections to new ideas and new inspirations.

We call the stories people tell “experiments” in order to celebrate the unexpected, random activities that make communities vibrant and fun.

What can I expect to happen?

  • your crazy ideas will become reality
  • you will meet new friends
  • you can show others you care
  • you can make an example of yourself
  • you will start trends that help the environment
  • your neighbourhood will feel safer
  • you will rely less on cars
  • you will make your block more vibrant

Remember...it doesn't always have to work, it's an experiment!

What kind of “experiments” are you talking about, exactly?

Experiments are personal stories about things you (or you and your friends, or you and your family) do in your neighbourhood. They aren't press releases or sales pitches (although they might be about starting a business). Some starting points include:

• Sharing your tools or other things with your building or street
• Introducing yourself to your neighbours
• Car-pooling to work
• Cooking for neighbours once a week
• Growing vegies in your front garden
• Reclaiming a parking spot as a small park for an afternoon
• Having an open picnic in a nearby park
• Inviting a neighbor over for a drink

…and everything in between.'

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