14 July 2010

Australia's National Waste Policy Implementation Plan Adopted

Excerpt from Warmer Bulletin e-news, 9 July 2010

'On July 5, 2010 the National Waste Policy Implementation Plan was endorsed by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC)...

On 5 November 2009 Australia's environment ministers through the Environment Protection and Heritage Council endorsed the National Waste Policy: Less Waste, More Resources (the National Waste Policy).

The National Waste Policy aims to avoid the generation of waste; reduce the amount of waste (including hazardous waste) for disposal, manage waste as a resource and ensure that waste treatment, disposal, recovery and re-use is undertaken in a safe, scientific and environmentally-sound manner.

In acknowledgement of the potential to achieve wider community objectives, the National Waste Policy also aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy conservation, raise water efficiency and enhance productivity of the land.

The National Waste Policy establishes Australia's waste management and resource recovery agenda across six key directions for the period to 2020:

Taking responsibility - shared responsibility for reducing the environmental, health and safety footprint of products and materials across the manufacture-supply-consumption chain and at end-of-life.

Improving the market - efficient and effective Australian markets operate for waste and recovered resources, with local technology and innovation being sought after internationally.

Pursuing sustainability - less waste and improved use of waste to achieve broader environmental, social and economic benefits.

Reducing hazard and risk - reduction of potentially hazardous content of wastes with consistent, safe and accountable waste recovery, handling and disposal.

Tailoring solutions - increased capacity in regional, remote and Indigenous communities to manage waste and recover and re-use resources.

Providing the evidence - access by decision makers to meaningful, accurate and current national waste and resource recovery data and information to measure progress, educate and inform the behaviour and the choices of the community.

The 16 National Waste Policy strategies have been clustered into seven EPHC working groups...

Proposed National Waste Policy EPHC Working Groups
Product stewardship - Australian Government (Chair) - strategies 1 & 3
Markets and standards - NSW/Victoria (Co-chairs) -strategies 2,4,5 & 6
Landfill management - Victoria (Chair) - strategies 7,8 & 9
Commercial & industrial, construction & demolition and governments - Qld (Chair) - strategies 10 & 11
Reducing hazard - Australian Government (Chair) - strategies 12 & 13
Rural and regional Australia - WA (Chair) - strategies 14 & 15
Data - Australian Government/NSW (Co-chairs) - strategy 16
Implementation - Australian Government (Chair)'

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