18 September 2010

Positive Money

Sourced from Positive Money

'If money makes the world go round - who gets to make money?

Money and banking is at the root of most of our social and economic problems. The global economy currently runs on a system called ‘fractional reserve banking’, this system causes huge recessions and piles incredible amounts of debt upon the ordinary people.

It is unstable, unsustainable, unproductive and unfair.

But it doesn’t have to be like this, we can fix it, and we need to fix it now. In order for us to really move society forward in the 21st Century, we need to move away from the fractional reserve banking system that is holding the economy and society back, and move to something that works.

Something that is stable, sustainable, productive and fair.

Positive Money is not anti-banks, or anti-bankers. We believe that money and banking can help society and unlock our productive potential – but not if the foundations of the economy are fatally flawed. We want to make money and banking constructive, not destructive, and positive, not negative. And we need you to get involved.'

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