15 November 2010

Call to Build a Dubai-style oasis in Outback

...of course, in a world approaching (or at) peak oil and a country where water is a serious limiting factor, this idea would come from those paragons of wisdom, economists...

Excerpt from Adelaide Now, 15 November 2010

'Australia should look at building a Dubai-style oasis in the middle of the desert to boost its tourism potential, a leading economist says.

Access Economics director Professor Ian Harper, who will speak at the Australian Tourism Directions Conference in Canberra today, said Australia's share in the international tourist market would drop within three years if it didn't urgently invest in new experiences and infrastructure, such as hotels and airports.

"We need to be imaginative and think very laterally," he said. "It might make sense to build a dedicated facility in the desert which would be a major distributing hub for other parts of Australia.

"We are on the cusp of the largest movement of people into the middle class that the world has ever seen, and there's going to be plenty of demand from China and India and other parts of Asia...'

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