10 November 2010

The Story of Electronics

Brilliant, brilliant communications tactic - label people as if they were meeting higher expectations, as if that is what they already are:

'...we need to give these designers a challenge they can rise to, and do what they do best - innovate. Already, some of them are realising they are too smart to be dump designers...'

Sourced from The Story of Stuff, 9 November 2010

'...this November, Americans are expected to spend over $8.5 billion on consumer electronics, motivated by enticements to buy gizmos we don't really need or to replace gadgets that are still working with slightly newer versions.

The thing is, making all these devices takes an enormous environmental and public health toll: mining the metals trashes communities from Congo to Indonesia; assembling them uses huge amounts of water and energy and exposes workers to a host of toxic chemicals; and getting rid of them when we're on to the next, newer, better model creates mountains of e-waste.

The good news is that while the production, consumption and disposal of short-lived, toxics laden electronics are a really big problem, the solution is pretty simple: Make 'em Safe, Make 'em Last, and Take 'em Back.'

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