13 January 2011

Joining the Dots 101

Image from Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Image from Adelaide Now

Here is a test kindergarteners could pass...

Join the dots with these three headlines:

2010 Ties For Warmest Year, Emissions To Blame - National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (that would be the US Government)

Brisbane Faces Floods Clear-Up Of Post-War Proportions

Scientists See Climate Change Link To Australian Floods

Excerpts from Planet Ark, 13 January 2011

'Last year tied for the warmest since data started in 1880, capping a decade of record high temperatures that shows mankind's greenhouse gas emissions are heating the planet, two U.S. agencies said.

Global surface temperatures in 2010 were 1.12 degrees Fahrenheit (0.62 Celsius) above the 20th century average, tying the record set in 2005, the National Climatic Data Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Wednesday.

"These results show that the climate is continuing to show the influence of greenhouse gases. It's showing evidence of warming," David Easterling, the chief of the scientific services division at the NCDC, told reporters in a teleconference...'

'Deadly floods in Australia's third-biggest city were peaking on Thursday below the levels Brisbane had feared, but the state premier said they would require a reconstruction effort of "post-war proportions."...'

'Climate change has likely intensified the monsoon rains that have triggered record floods in Australia's Queensland state, scientists said on Wednesday, with several months of heavy rain and storms still to come...'

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