03 April 2011

Melbourne Growth Got Away From Us: Labor

Excerpt from The Age, 18 March 2011

'Daniel Andrews has conceded Labor lost government because it failed to meet community expectations as Melbourne's runaway population growth ''got away from us''.

The Opposition Leader said Labor needed to face the fact ''we could have done more and we could have done better'' to boost services and help households tackle daily challenges.

''People across the community have expectations about quality of services, about pressures on them in their own household, and I think clearly we failed to meet those expectations,'' Mr Andrews told The Age.

He said a failure to properly manage Victoria's strong population growth contributed to Labor's defeat at last year's state election, as services failed to keep pace with Melbourne's expansion.

''We just couldn't keep up,'' he said.

Melbourne's population growth has outstripped other state capitals for the past eight years. Cost-of-living concerns, public transport and law and order were key issues in the lead-up to November's election...'

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