20 January 2010

Jamie Oliver Takes on the USA!

If you care about food, care about kids, care about living well, care about the personal and financial cost to the community of diet and lifestyle related illness - you will be just as revved up as I am to support Jamie's latest initiative after watching this clip.

I love, love, love this man and what he does with all his awareness raising and change agent work for better food and healthier communities, he is a champ!! He has changed so many lives for the better through his work on the Fifteen Foundation, School Dinners, Ministry of Food and more, and he doesn't have to do it - he does this because he really cares about it and believes in it, and it comes at a personal cost to him in terms of time with his family.

Jamie, you have done it before, you can do it again, and never forget, bringing about change is the hardest and often most dangerous thing you can do, but any results you get - even if you don't quite reach the goals you set - are worth it!

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  1. Comment by a colleague!

    'What a brilliant idea - Hells Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares at the local primary school! (but no doubt done with more grace and less swearing than Gordon) This show could go for years and years in the US alone!'


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