20 January 2010

Post Growth - New Blog

Dear Crux Readers,

Over the silly season, myself and two other sustainability/steady state/postgrowth economics writers and activists launched a blog called 'Post Growth'.

It's still a 'baby' blog - only a handful of posts thus far, and still working on the template to make it look pretty.

The purpose of this blog is to:

  1. connect the dots of many social and environmental symptoms and how these link to 'growth fetishism' - rather than just discussing what's wrong with economics, which can be a little abstract for people
  2. offer original thought on life in a post growth world - rather than just pointing out what's problematic about the 'uneconomic growth' world
  3. provide several high quality original posts per month - rather than a large volume
  4. invite people into the conversation through questions and encouraging comments
  5. provide a toolbox of resources and ideas that help people take action [to be progressively developed]
  6. approach a number of people with a profile in this area to contribute guest posts [in due course]
Here is a summary of what Post Growth is about:

'Post Growth is a blog about ditching “bigger” for “better.” It turns out that economic growth and human prosperity aren’t one and the same – and too much growth can harm both our societies and the planet’s support systems. So let’s move beyond growth and find a better alternative: a sustainable economy whose purpose is something greater – like the well-being of people and nature.

Earth is finite – and governed by a set of natural laws written by physics, chemistry and biology. Neither people, trees, animals or stars can grow forever. Yet somehow, we seem to think that the human enterprise can grow forever. More people, more growth, more consumption. How long can this go on for? Is there a limit? What happens when we reach it?

Where is the point at which the costs of growth outweigh the benefits (and not just those that can be counted in dollar terms)? How would the world work, post-growth? And why would it be in our individual and collective interests to pursue that world?

This blog is a collaborative project dedicated to imagining our post-growth world. We hope you’ll join the conversation, challenge others, yourselves and us – and contribute to the evolution of a world where we choose to grow better, not bigger.'

Please subscribe to this blog or follow us on Twitter if you are interested in these issues, and send this link to any contacts you feel may be interested.

One thing we don't yet have is a snappy logo, so if you are graphically skilled/willing and able to help a bunch of wordsmiths work up an idea we have, please let us know!

Thanks for subscribing to cruxcatalyst!

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