09 March 2010

The Great Turning - David Korten

'To have the democracy we thought we had, we must take democracy to where it has never been'.

Sustainability: David Korten articulates the whole thing - not part of it, all of it, including all the not-so-easy topics to raise.

And ESPECIALLY 'The Story' about two thirds of the way through, which Korten identifies as the biggest barrier to change.

Listen to the audio recording of talk given at Dunstan Foundation Lecture, University of Adelaide, 15 July 2008

'Dr David C Korten is the author of The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community. His Previous Books include the international best-seller When Corporations Rule the World; and the Post-Coroporate World: Life after Capitalism.

Korten is co-founder and board chair of the Positive Futures Network, which publishes YES! A Journal of Positive Futures; founder and president of the People-Centered Development Forum; a founding associate of the International Forum on Globalization; a board member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE); and a member of the Social Ventures Network, and the Club of Rome.

He holds MBA and PhD degrees from Standford Business School, has thirty years experience as a development professional in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and has serviced as a Harvard Business School professor, a captain in the US Air Force, a Ford Foundation Project Specialist, and a regional adviser to the US Agency for International Development.'

Following Questions - note his comparison to the power of conversation and the challenging of the story in kickstarting feminism

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