12 March 2010

Robin Hood Tax - Be Part of the World's Greatest Bank Job!

...effective rebranding of the long-proposed, but uninspiringly monikered Tobin Tax, using an existing cultural reference, Robin Hood. In a nutshell, the idea of the Tobin Tax is to apply a tiny tax on certain financial transations ie. it would harvest a small amount of money sloshing around the world in the casino of the global economy and invest it back into people and planet [from which the wealth was derived].

Update from Oxfam's Robin Hood Tax campaign website

'A 10-metre high projection on the Bank of England kick-started the campaign. But it really began in earnest when Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy appeared on breakfast TV to show support and promote their video.

Out and about from Sherwood Forest

Merry folk have been sounding horns loudly around the country and on the web, making sure that everyone hears about the Robin Hood Tax.

We now have 130,000 Facebook fans and 64,000 people have voted in favour of the tax on our website. 32,000 of you have signed up for e-mail updates and we have almost 3,000 followers on Twitter. The only small number so far is the 0.05% we think banks should contribute to make the world a better place.

With events in Cardiff, and video letters sent from campaigners in David Cameron’s constituency, Witney, and Gordon Brown’s home turf Kirkcaldy, our supporters have been busy making merry. In the US Jonathan Mann made this brilliant music video about the tax.

Since launch, the media has been buzzing with news of goings-on in Sherwood. Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and 350 other economists publicly supported our campaign. The campaign has already launched in Germany. France, Australia and the US are bracing themselves to be invaded by the (wo)men in tights.

Robin rides into Parliament

Thousands of people emailed their MPs and inspired an unprecedented number to attend a special briefing event at the House of Commons.

So far, nearly 1 in 5 Members of Parliament has expressed support for the tax. Welsh secretary Peter Hain was the first Cabinet Minister to lend public support. Conservative parliamentary candidate René Kinzett also showed support for Robin, as well as Labour MPs Jamie Reed and Andy Reed and Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas.We need support in Westminster for the Robin Hood tax to happen, so ask your MP to sign up to support it.
Mites in your tights? Itching to do more?

Go for it! If you have:

1 Minute: Spread the word about the Robin Hood Tax - forward this email to your friends.

5 minutes: Ask your MP to support the Robin Hood Tax by signing the early day motion in Parliament.

A bit more time: Watch our event from the Royal Society of Arts. On 9th March Economist Jeffrey Sachs, Richard Curtis and a discussion panel talked about the tax and took questions from the floor and via the Internet. The whole event can be seen on the The RSA website

For other events around the country visit our Facebook page.

Thanks for all you're doing from Robin and the team.


A tiny tax of 0.05% from international bankers' transactions could generate hundreds of billions of pounds every year to stop cuts in crucial public services in the UK and help fight global poverty and climate change. And it shouldn't cost the public a penny.

Turning a crisis for the banks into an opportunity for the world

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