24 September 2009

Binary Thinking - 20th Century Relic


'The State Government released its draft 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide – a vision to prepare for Adelaide's growth and infrastructure needs – in July. [Planning Minister] Mr Holloway has described it as a blueprint for tackling the economic and environmental challenges that face our generation to ensure SA remains one of the most liveable, competitive and sustainable cities in the world...

[Greens Member of the Legislative Council Mark Parnell says] By loading up the population forecasts, the Government is artificially creating an argument for more housing estates on Adelaide's outskirts that are simply not required.

"And by the time we realise the Government's population targets have been overcooked, the city would have well and truly sprawled unsustainably into places like Mt Barker, Gawler and Buckland Park."...

Image comparing Adelaide's density [data over 15 years old!] with other urban areas by Paul F Downton

[Minister Holloway responded] 'The question for Mr Parnell is whether he supports continued and sustainable economic growth for South Australia or is advocating a smaller population and a decline in our state's enviable living standards," Mr Holloway said.'

'Or'? Is population inextricably linked to standard of living? Why can't we have an economy that serves people and the environment? Is this the 21st century equivalent of 'Jobs vs The Environment'? How binary!!

Fascinating that this either/or question is still being posed in this state...considering the questioning of perpetual growth is being challenged and now its coming from far beyond the environment movement.

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