29 September 2009

UNEP Green Meeting Guide 2009

Excerpt from Warmer Bulletin e-news, 25 September 2009

'The UNEP Green Meeting Guide 2009 is designed to assist organisers and hosts of small to medium-sized meetings in including green considerations as early as possible in the preparation of the event. It describes the issues to consider in the planning phase and provides a very simple and concrete check list to pick and choose concrete actions to carry out.

The Guide consists of five different elements:

Section 1: Green meetings: What to Know

Part A: Introduction - an introduction to the concept of greening meetings, and the benefits this can bring to the organisers...

Part B: Management and Communication - guidance on management and communication aspects of greening meetings.

Part C: Greening your meeting - an overview of the key environmental impacts of a meeting, and how these may be minimised - especially venue selection, accommodation, catering, local transportation, logistics.

Part D: Climate neutrality - proposals for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions generated by a meeting, especially through the impacts of long-distance travel in order to leave a positive 'Climate Legacy'.

Section 2: "Green Meetings: What to Do"

Part E: The Greening Meetings Checklist - detailed greening recommendations for the day to day preparation of a meeting...'

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