02 October 2009

Copenhagen Flashmob

Avaaz are planning a Flashmob event in Copenhagen - a team of Avaaz volunteers in Copenhagen are preparing a spectacular welcoming stunt to greet these leaders on Friday, but they need our help to fund the sound systems, props, and media recruiting to make it work.**

'News just broke that three major world leaders -Obama, Brazil's Lula, and Japan's Hatoyama -are personally traveling to Copenhagen, site of the crucial UN climate talks. The only problem is, those talks aren't until December - but the leaders are heading to Copenhagen this Friday to lobby for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Right city, gentlemen ... wrong issue.

However, if we can get Obama and Hatoyama to commit to return to Copenhagen in December, the world's hopes for a strong global climate deal will soar. It's one thing for decision-makers to send diplomats to negotiations. But when the heads of government go themselves and meet face to face - putting their reputations on the line for a good outcome - incredible things can happen.

That's why Brazil's Lula has already agreed to go. But what about the US and Japan - two of the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters? Let's give Obama and Hatoyama a chance to prove that they care about the fate of Planet Earth at least as much as they want the Olympics - by asking them to return to Copenhagen in December.

These fun stunts can make a difference: A similar campaign helped persuade UK prime minister Gordon Brown to pledge to attend the December climate talks. Avaaz members handed him a huge invitation at the G8 summit in July - and last Monday, on a phone call with an Avaaz member during the Global Climate Wake-Up Call, he made the promise to personally head to Copenhagen!

And even if these leaders aren't yet ready to commit to joining the climate talks, we can make a difference just by showing them, everywhere they go, that people around the world want action on climate change. Hatoyama and Obama have promised bold changes in their countries' responses to the climate crisis. It's all of our job to show them how critical it is that they keep their word.

With last week's global wake-up call, we showed - with events in more than 130 countries! - that people everywhere are ready for action. The sprint to Copenhagen has begun. Together, let's sieze this and every moment -we've no time to miss even a single step.'

** Just 2000 of us donating the price of a cup of coffee would cover the bill - click here to contribute: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/fund_the_copenhagen_flashmob

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  1. Hello! Awesome post, loads of good sign posts to fun stunts!
    An oxfam activist last week did one at Number 10 giving Gordon a giant good luck in copenhagen card! http://www.oxfam.org.uk/applications/blogs/pressoffice/?p=7304&v=campaigns


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