21 October 2009

Attack of the 90 Foot Seagull

Comic relief from sustainability is also an essential part of sustainability!

Never doubt that the Nine Network [Australia]'s news broadcasts are not live!

From Ninemsn, 22 October 2009

'A giant seagull did its best to ruffle the feathers of Channel Nine newsreader Peter Hitchener last night, but the veteran did not even bat an eyelid.

The unscheduled intrusion happened a few minutes into the 6pm news in Melbourne as Hitchener was reading a story about an underworld murder committed in 1982.

The image of an oversized seagull suddenly appeared behind Hitchener's head, caused by the bird walking in front of the camera Nine has positioned to capture the cityscape.

But Hitchener did not even flinch as the seagull rolled up, paused next to his head, and exited quickly left of screen.

"I was reading away, and it was a serious story, and I suddenly thought, 'Oh my gosh that seagull's back again', because we had bit of a problem last night,'' he told Melbourne radio after the bulletin.

"About 50 seconds to six o'clock this seagull arrived and started pecking at the camera and it had the beadiest huge eyes you've ever seen in your life.''

Hitchener said the cameramen in the studio had to duck for cover to hide their laughter.'

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