21 October 2009

The Great Transition

From the new economics foundation, October 2009

'A new report
, The Great Transition, published today by nef, marks the launch of a 40 year long initiative to transform the UK economy so that it is climate friendly while also solving a broad swathe of closely connected social problems related to inequality.

At the heart of The Great Transition is the assumption that an advanced, industrialised nation like the UK cannot achieve those goals if its resource-hungry economy continues to grow in conventional GDP terms.

And, as The Great Transition shows that while the UK's conventional GDP may fall by a third, making better use of what we have will mean real increases in real social and environmental value. “A better
reality is possible if we choose to make it happen.

Politicians will no longer be able to say that they had no alternative” says nef’s policy director, Andrew Simms. Or, as the Guardian’s Economics Editor, Larry Elliott, writes in today’s paper “If we are not ready for nef's Great Transition, what sort of future have we got?”

Find out more on the nef website and the BBC.'

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