18 November 2009

shmeco - Share Your Sustainable Living Story

Check out shmeco.com, a new social networking site for sustainable living launched by South Australians Judy Celmins & Pia Vogrin, already with 500+ members:

'What is shmeco?

Pronounced SHME- CO
What does it mean: SH, HM, Me, eco meaning every one has an eco story to share.

What is shmeco.com?

A social networking site using the latest in Web2 technologies to create a community umbrella for Sustainable Living...

The site concept was created by Judy and Pia as an opportunity to allow the flow of real stories and experience in the sustainability sector using the latest in technology.

This process allows for connections to be made at many levels within the broader community that assist in the spread of the sustainable living message.

shmeco.com is the space for the "Sustainable Living" sector. The shmeco community will be creating an online "Eco-pedia" of real stories and connections with the sustainable activities in every day life.

About the shmeco creators: Judy Celmins & Pia Vogrin

Judy and Pia bring extensive marketing, media, and event management skills to their newly created company "shmeco.com". Through established careers, we have built personal networks within industry, media, community groups and individuals with much of our work based in the environmental sector as well as a commitment in our personal lives to lead more sustainable lifestyles...'

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