06 February 2011

Better Than Growth

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Australian Conservation Foundation, 3 August 2010

"The global financial crisis and the accelerating ecological crisis have prompted many thinkers to reconsider the fundamental underpinnings of economic policy. This is leading to a growing convergence toward the insight that economics must be based on real-world understandings of what contributes most to human wellbeing and ecological sustainability.

It is clear that an economics focused only on the goals of increased production and consumption of material goods, while generally excluding “externalities” like cultural and ecological integrity, is no longer fit for purpose.The Australian Conservation Foundation's work on new economics will advance practical, achievable improvements in economic theory and practice to better promote human wellbeing in an ecologically sustainable way.We are pleased to formally launch our report Better than Growth: The New Economics of Genuine Progress and Quality of Life, a primer for policy innovation.

“Better than Growth” sets out a path for Australia to transform our economy into one that is truly sustainable. The report was launched on 5 August 2010 at a lecture called “What is the World Worth: Putting Nature on the Balance Sheet” with keynote speaker, Pavan Sukhdev.

Pavan is a leading international economist who heads up the United Nations Environment Programme’s Green Economy Initiative, as well as the G8 project The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity."

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