11 February 2011

Pets in the City

There are environmental costs to owning pets, but there are also huge social and health benefits; but how do we reconcile having critters as family members in an urban environment where people are choosing apartments, townhouses and other forms of residential living other than the traditional detached house?

Sourced from Pets in the City

'Pets in the City (PDF, 3.97 MB) has been prepared by the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) to assist people residing in higher density living to enjoy the many benefits offered by pets. The guide can help you decide whether you should have a pet, what the most suitable type of pet might be for you and how to enjoy life with your pet. Australians love their pets. In fact, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world – more than half of all Australian households own a dog and/or a cat. Pet ownership seems to have always been part of the Australian way of life, something so normal we almost take it for granted. But things are changing.

Once, the great Australian dream was owning your own home on a quarter-acre block, with a BBQ, a Hills Hoist and a Blue Heeler in the backyard. But these days, that quintessential Australian scene is changing. Australians are more frequently living in townhouses, apartments and units, often within big cities. They’re increasingly likely to live in a strata development with a BBQ on the balcony and a communal laundry.

According to Australian Census data, 77% of Australian households live in separate houses; 13% live in semi-detached, row, terrace or town houses; and 9% live in units or apartments. A total of 22%, or almost a quarter of all Australian households, are accommodated in what could be considered to be medium or high-density housing. The idea of high-density living in strata or rental accommodation with limited, or no, yard space may not be particularly conducive to owning animal companions. Yet we know that Australians are adaptable and keen to find a way to keep their beloved pets in high-density environments. That’s why we’ve produced Pets in the City, a “how to” guide covering everything you need to know about successfully keeping dogs and cats in apartments and inner urban areas.

As part of the preparation of this guide, PIAS commissioned a research agency to investigate pet ownership in high-density housing. We’ve used the research outcomes to provide information that will help both pet owners and those who would like to own a pet. Look out for our tips, the comments from experts and case studies.

Whether you already own a companion animal or are contemplating getting one, this informative and helpful guide shows you that owning a dog or cat in the city can be easy with the correct selection, care and management.'

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