03 January 2010

Early-Morning Agriculture Course Gaining Popularity Among Office Workers

From Japan for Sustainability, 11 August 2009

'An adult school, 'Marunouchi Morning University', was launched in April 2009 in Marunouchi, the area near Tokyo Station and the business center of Tokyo. The school is organized by the Marunouchi Morning University Planning Board...

Among the many courses offered, the agriculture class has become one of the most popular. The classes start in the early morning at 7:30, and many of the participants are young office workers who attend before going to work.

Yusuke Miyaji, an instructor in the agriculture course and the head of 'Farmers' Heirs Network', which supports potential farmers and the revival of old farmland, is a hog farmer who works hard to transform Japanese primary industries, including agriculture, into 'cool, inspiring and lucrative' industries...

In addition to hearing lectures from young farmers including Mr. Miyaji, the participants took part in rice planting as well. The participants were around 30 men and women in their 20s to 40s, working in various industries including finance, chemicals, advertising and food...'

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