07 January 2010

Water Wars in Australia

Included below are some witty comments on a serious issue from readers...there are some mind-boggling views expressed on the Adelaide Now site, such as 'South Australia does not contribute anything to the river, why should it be entitled to water'!!!

Adelaide is in fact outside the Murray-Darling Basin, and so the Murray is an 'exotic' water resource for the city - but the city is here now, with a million people dependent on the water, and the river does still flow to the sea through this state [just]...

Conflict arises over resource scarcity.

More growth, anyone?

Excerpt from Adelaide Now, 6 January 2010

'...Flooding in the eastern states will inject about 300 billion litres of water into the Murray-Darling river system, but not one drop is reserved for South Australia.

Floodwaters are being dammed and diverted upstream, keeping them in New South Wales and dashing the hopes of drought-stricken Riverland growers trying to keep their fruit trees and grapevines alive.

But state Water Minister Karlene Maywald told morning radio today that the High Court had no jurisdiction over the water now on its way to the Menindee lakes storage SA shares with NSW, but over which the eastern state has control...'

Reader comments:

Send the bozo who pulled the plug on the Torrens up to NSW to do the same to them.

Can't we just put a plug in the river at the Vic border and let them drown in their own waste water. Yes we would then need to rely on other sources of water (ps: we are surrounded by water)

Write a letter to Mr Rudd??? He is too busy publishing his fairy tale book to be worried about South Australia's disaster....'

Big wheels keep on turning Rudd ,Wong and Ranndy keep on spinning. SA keeps on burning Rolling rolling rolling down the river...'

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