04 November 2010

Design for Life - The Food Forest Story

Filmed in and around Adelaide, South Australia, 'Design for Life - The Food Forest Story' tells the compelling story of two young baby-boomers who travelled the world questing for a sustainable way for humans to live on the planet. They adopt the Permaculture design system and build an amazing organic home, farm and lifestyle.

The World Premiere will be held in Gawler on 15 November at 7.30pm, and a city screening will be held on Tuesday 7th December at 5.30pm at the Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett Street, Adelaide (actual screening at 6.00pm), price $20 per ticket - including drinks and nibbles from The Food Forest.

Tickets and further info from The Food Forest

The Food Forest is being developed by Annemarie and Graham Brookman and their children Tom and Nikki, to demonstrate how an ordinary family, with a typical Australian income can grow its own food and create a productive and diverse landscape.

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