06 November 2010

The Power of Enough - Free Seminar Series

The Global Sufficiency Network invites you to participate in a unique tele-seminar series entitled The Power of Enough: Embodying Exquisite Sufficiency in Your Life and in the World.

This powerful and interactive event features key experts and luminaries sharing their wisdom about creating a life and a world of having, doing and being enough– and it’s all for FREE.

Register here: http://maestropath.com/poe

This FREE tele-seminar series will explore:

  • How to set yourself free from the unconscious, relentless context of scarcity, lack and limitation. Learn why you feel like you never have quite enough or even more importantly, why you feel like you are not (good, rich, thin, pretty, etc) enough as a human being.
  • Why a paradigm shift out of the global cultural context of scarcity is vital for creating a just, sustainable and fulfilling world.
  • How to experience yourself, your time, your money, your work, your families, your communities and all of the crises in the world from an empowered view of “enough”.
  • Why sufficiency is an exquisite experience of fulfillment, peace, gratitude, generosity, flow, courage, possibility and joy.

The Power of Enough Series offers seven separate 90-minute interactive tele-seminars.

The seminars will occur each Tuesday 9-10:30 am PT November 9- December 21. Here is the list of leaders in this series. As you can see, we have a large ensemble of powerful visionaries and movers and shakers:

Nov 9 - The Power of Enough: Why Sufficiency Matters with Vicki Robins, Jennifer Cohen and Kay Sandberg

Nov 16 - A life of Having, Doing and Being Enough with Wayne Muller and Claire Zammit

Nov 23 - The Sufficiency Movement and its Role in Changing the Course of History with Lynne Twist, Marilyn Levin and Miriam Hawley

Nov 30 - The Currency of Sufficiency: Having an Empowered Relationship to Money with Nogie King and Joel Hodroff

Dec 7 - A New Paradigm for the Business World – Why Enough Works with Gina LaRoche and Mike Anson

Dec 14 - Transforming Scarcity Conscious into Sufficiency Consciousness: The evolutionary context of a world that works with Victoria Castle and Craig Hamilton

Dec 21 - Sufficiency 2.0 with Joshua Gorman, Samantha Tan and Lora Lyons

Please do share this invitation with friends and allies - all are warmly welcomed to participate. If you can’t make the live calls, register anyway and the organisers will send you the recordings.

Co-sponsors: MaestroConference, MaestroPath, Global Sufficiency Network and The Currency of Connection

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