06 November 2010

Steady State Alternative to Endless Economic Growth

Geoff Mosley, former CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation and steady state economics advocate, has released a book available through Envirobook

Steady State, Alternative to Endless Economic Growth

Author : Geoff Mosley
ISBN(13) : 9780858812390

The economic growth obsession that dominates our lives cannot go on for ever. Our world is finite and has limits. Sooner or later, one way or another, this way of life must end. But what is to replace it and how can we make the change?

Geoff Mosley describes the making of the change to a creative and dynamic steady state economy as the most important in human history. In this book he makes the case for an alternative offering a future characterized by fairness and freedom, outlines its main features and discusses the steps we need to take to make the transformation. In the last part of the book he provides campaign advice for the emerging steady state movement.

RRP AUD$21.95, 136pp, pb

In the author's own words:

'Most people are aware that the condition of the global environment is rapidly deteriorating but what is to be done about it? The reality is that there is a common cause of this situation – the commitment of our societies to endless economic growth. For many years Dr Geoff Mosley has been considering how best to attack this problem at its heart - by dealing with the cause and not just the effects. His ideas are now available in his book Steady State Alternative to Endless Economic Growth. Published by Envirobook the book is available for $21.95 either from the publisher (sales@envirobook.com.au) or, from the author (jandemosley@bigpond.com).

Geoff Mosley is probably best known as the former long term CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation. In 2008 the United Nations Association of Australia selected him as their environmentalist of the year for work which included his efforts to promote the steady state economy alternative. He is the Director of Operations, Australia for the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.

Geoff believes it is time to choose – to stop the make believe and start to work for a better world. His book is a practical navigation guide to another country – our own future – and the target audience is YOU. Not only that but when you have read it the author would welcome your own ideas on how to chart our way through the difficult terrain which lies ahead in the long journey to sustainability, justice and peace.'

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